Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quickmix ClawGun Upgrade

I originally was going to simply rephotograph and rewrite my previous entry to make it clearer, but of course it didn't work out that way. I ended revamping my previous work into another iteration. The original version can be seen here.
I wasn't happy with the white wings as it's a stationary cannon. I felt I could improve upon the base.
I replaced the white wings with yellow knee caps from a minature Xabungle KO. I widdled down the peg so it can fit into a 5mm black peg. I had a base that belonged to the Bandai squid gun Shinken-oh candytoy from 2009. These toys have some useful 5mm ports on them.
Three 5mm holes were drilled into the Quickmix Cannon. On the underside, and in the centers of the clear parts. I also drilled 2.5mm holes at the ends to fit the Microman Biomachine MB-04 Kong claws
The blue fellow is Microman Masterforce Skymaster from 2004.

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