Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ni-Stuff Gylos Micronauts Alien Hybrids

My newest foray, mixing indie toys with vintage Micro action, first up is Ni-Stuff's groovy Gylos heads. The bodies are Micronauts Membros, Repto, Galactic Defender. Ni-Stuff's heads fit snuggly into the Micronaut Alien bodies. No sanding or drilling necessary.
I picked up these jewel-like Glyos compatible heads from Ni-Stuff at Comicon NY. I knew they had great modding potential. A full list of head sculpts is here.
Top row: Paroder (yellow), Zinx (blue with horns), Remnost (green clear)
Bottom row: Flaux (green clear), Fed variation (red with spikes)

Ni-stuff heads can be purchased here.
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