Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Giant Acroyear Acro-Cannon kitbash

The Giant Acroyear Acro-Cannon kitbash
Originally I had two bikes I was playing with, the Acro-Cannon and a Pentabot bike.
With the original and the upgraded version side by side you can see what how I swapped out parts out. The Earth Jetter clear purple missile replaces the original red one. The Escargot clear blue nose section replaces the Acroyear flying pack.
Previously I had hacked a Transformers Energon Barricade and didn't do anything with it. The legs were structurally similar to the Acroyear legs. They were easy to replace.
I had some Multimac parts. I noticed the more realistic mech style matched the Barricade legs. I drilled additional holes into the Multimac part to move the cannon forward from it's original position and to add the nose cone.
I had also hacked a Transformers Energon Landmine, I found this part that made a very cool chair.
The vehicle disassembled.
If I wanted to be obsessive I would find a replacement cannon.
The driver is a 2005 Military Force Lava Planet body with a 2005 Biomachine guy head.
Needs a targeting scanner.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giant Acroyear SixWing kitbash

Giant Acroyear is one of my fave Micronauts of all time.
InterChangeRobot Mastera 4 is a Transformers Sixwing KO that is made up among other things parts from Sixturbo (the red car) and Sixbuilder (the dumpster truck).
This Micromaster KO is at a larger scale than the original. I saw the head and knew he would make for a cool Giant Acroyear riff.
InterChangeRobot assembled, not terribly exciting with it's too short arms, Optimus Prime body and uninspired stickers. The red rifle was scaled up larger than the other parts and doesn't fit into the robot's fist. The white cycle which was not part of anything and doesn't fit in any where. In the original Sixbuilder the bull dozer fit into the hallow of the chest, not here.
Some initial play. I find it useful to try to build shapes and see what can be developed without drilling. The red car's outer shell was removed revealing the robot body. I used the pre-existing 5mm holes to connect them to Giant Acroyear's body. The Green Dozer needs some drilling.
Detail of the left arm. I drilled 5mm holes into the green dozer, chest of the red inner robot and the left fist and connected them with lose 5mm pegs.
I removed the stickers on the feet without much difficulty. I loathe stickers. I stripped off the wheels on the orange truck and red car. I liked the undercarriage structure of the orange truck. It already had a 5mm port on it's end. It fit snuggly into the foot. The larger red part is from the 2009 Kabaya Toraichenja Robo candy toy. I drilled two 5mm holes to connect it to the other foot and another Micromaster KO part. Without knowing how I would connect them to the rest of the body I knew these were going to be the legs.
I wanted to give this Acroyear a giant sword to make up for the sad little daggers the original american Acroyears were given. This sword comes from Red Falcon.
I will have to figure out another solution for attaching the thighs, too skinny for my taste but they work well in holding the pose. I want my robots to have the ability to bend their legs and point their feet outward.
I'm surprised how pose-able this thing is.
Micronauts and early Transformers suffer from stiff robot syndrome.
Labeled for your edification.
Until the next mission ranger!
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