Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Giant Acroyear Acro-Cannon kitbash

The Giant Acroyear Acro-Cannon kitbash
Originally I had two bikes I was playing with, the Acro-Cannon and a Pentabot bike.
With the original and the upgraded version side by side you can see what how I swapped out parts out. The Earth Jetter clear purple missile replaces the original red one. The Escargot clear blue nose section replaces the Acroyear flying pack.
Previously I had hacked a Transformers Energon Barricade and didn't do anything with it. The legs were structurally similar to the Acroyear legs. They were easy to replace.
I had some Multimac parts. I noticed the more realistic mech style matched the Barricade legs. I drilled additional holes into the Multimac part to move the cannon forward from it's original position and to add the nose cone.
I had also hacked a Transformers Energon Landmine, I found this part that made a very cool chair.
The vehicle disassembled.
If I wanted to be obsessive I would find a replacement cannon.
The driver is a 2005 Military Force Lava Planet body with a 2005 Biomachine guy head.
Needs a targeting scanner.


  1. These are wonderful! Are you still making customs?

    1. I design and resin cast my own toys. I’m active in this FB group.


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