Saturday, November 24, 2012

GodBeast Micronauts customs

I had the pleasure to meet Marty at New York Comicon. I knew I wanted to get my hands on his castings. They are just too beautiful to pass up. The heads are sculpted by Marty Hansen and Jason Frailey. These heads were originally produced for Matt Doughty's Armorvor line. Marty's castings are hand-pulled limited editions in custom colors, which means when the cast goes that's it folks!
These heads are Glyos compatible. They are exceedingly detailed sculpts. I really felt they deserved to be seen on more adult proportioned bodies. I had previous success with other Glyos compatible heads on Micronaut Alien bodies, they can be seen here. These are a bit wobbly in those bodies. There probably is a way to fix that. Something to explore.
Time Lion is a Armorvor Lion (clear) head. The body is a white Micronauts Galactic Defender, the arms are a clear Palisedes Repto. The hands are from 2004 Microman Biomachine.
Purple Invader is a Armorvor Octopus (lavender) head. The arms and chest is a Micronauts Antron. The lower body is a Transformers Beast Wars Drillbit. The weapons are from the Starriors vehicle.

Red Infection is a Armorvor Flybee (clear red) head. The body is a Micronauts Membros. The thighs are from a clear purple Palisedes Repto. The tentacles are from a Transformers Beast Wars ClawJaw.

Green Carrion is Armorvor Mouse Skull (clear voss blue) head. The body is a Micronauts Repto. The claws and weapons are from Energon Cruellock.

I tried a Armorvor Wyverillian male/dragon (clear voss blue) head on the same body.
Godbeast Armorvors can be purchased here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Challenge of the Sea-Borgs

I went to Comicon NY and I had approximately 3 hours to do my business as I didn't have a multi-day pass. In my fenzied state my gaze came across Monsterpants spread of candy-colored action figures I knew then and there I was going to give this man my money and I told him this. A few days later I said I wanted to give him even more of my money. I was hooked on Sea-Borgs.
I had hacked apart an innocent Transformer (Red Alert from the Cybertron line) and noticed the clear red shoulder had a 5mm hole. Could it be that simple? I inserted a 5mm peg and voila, new arms for my Devil Pirate! The red sword adds appropriate pirate flair.
The ruby hued Regent of Hell has arms and wings from a Diaclone Diatron/Kingdam. It's Staff o' Hell is from an Energon space jet and the drill is not from Arkon/Bullmark King Joe but a Beast Wars Inferno (the big red ant). For ease of posing I drilled a 5mm hole into his foot.
This happy fellow ripped the arms off an Energon Cruellock. I don't remember where the smoke colored missiles come from.
The Shield of Marine Defense is ripped off from a 1999 Microman Kit CrabDozer. The yellow belly button plug is from a Zoids Blox upgrade kit.
Sea-Borgs can be purchased here.
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ni-Stuff Gylos Micronauts Alien Hybrids

My newest foray, mixing indie toys with vintage Micro action, first up is Ni-Stuff's groovy Gylos heads. The bodies are Micronauts Membros, Repto, Galactic Defender. Ni-Stuff's heads fit snuggly into the Micronaut Alien bodies. No sanding or drilling necessary.
I picked up these jewel-like Glyos compatible heads from Ni-Stuff at Comicon NY. I knew they had great modding potential. A full list of head sculpts is here.
Top row: Paroder (yellow), Zinx (blue with horns), Remnost (green clear)
Bottom row: Flaux (green clear), Fed variation (red with spikes)

Ni-stuff heads can be purchased here.
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