Sunday, July 31, 2011

Multimac kitbash

I don't remember ever seeing these Zoid knockoffs in the NYC area. I've seen them on eBay in the UK, the Philippines, Canada. Several years back I was in a toy store in North Vancouver (BC) and I saw a few boxes of these things. They were boxed and fairly pricey. Since I knew nothing about them and I wasn't gonna plop down the dough. I recently scored a bunch of Multimac parts and marveled at the number of curiously placed 5mm ports. The bronze arms are Zoids NeoBlox (2006).

Steamhammer kitbash

A few years ago I saw a Transformers Energon Steamhammer on sale and thought I could turn it somehow into a Microtron sort of thing with the tank treads and all those 5mm ports. Never got around to it and put it away. It was in the "sell on eBay" box when I was seized with a strong desire to take it apart and see if I can make anything useful with it. These are my results.
I was surprised how many interesting parts came out of this thing. I basically unscrewed whatever I could unscrew with a tiny screwdriver, the one from eye glasses repair kits. And unsubtly yanked out the rest. The lower clips on the legs got trashed so I just clipped them with a pair of clippers. Aside from that most everything came apart fairly cleanly. The blue attachment points are a pain to remove.
The center body part that folds out is exceedingly cool.
Some initial play.
I made this thing with Multimac and Zoid Blox parts. Voila! A shooty dog thing.
This pix shows how the pieces fit together more clearly.
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Statement of intent

I have a genetic disposition to crave brightly colored plastic toy robots. This blog will cover my never ending search for useful 5mm slots on unsuspecting toys that can be exploited to create Micronaut/Microman style toys. To this end I am not below hijacking Star Wars vehicles, conscripting GI Joe villains or various sentai heroes, or junking Transformers to make this happen.

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