Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Challenge of the Sea-Borgs

I went to Comicon NY and I had approximately 3 hours to do my business as I didn't have a multi-day pass. In my fenzied state my gaze came across Monsterpants spread of candy-colored action figures I knew then and there I was going to give this man my money and I told him this. A few days later I said I wanted to give him even more of my money. I was hooked on Sea-Borgs.
I had hacked apart an innocent Transformer (Red Alert from the Cybertron line) and noticed the clear red shoulder had a 5mm hole. Could it be that simple? I inserted a 5mm peg and voila, new arms for my Devil Pirate! The red sword adds appropriate pirate flair.
The ruby hued Regent of Hell has arms and wings from a Diaclone Diatron/Kingdam. It's Staff o' Hell is from an Energon space jet and the drill is not from Arkon/Bullmark King Joe but a Beast Wars Inferno (the big red ant). For ease of posing I drilled a 5mm hole into his foot.
This happy fellow ripped the arms off an Energon Cruellock. I don't remember where the smoke colored missiles come from.
The Shield of Marine Defense is ripped off from a 1999 Microman Kit CrabDozer. The yellow belly button plug is from a Zoids Blox upgrade kit.
Sea-Borgs can be purchased here.
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