Friday, August 19, 2011

Microtron Scitex kitbash

I had picked up some Tomy Scitex parts. I wonder why Tomy Scitex never conquered America. They are Lego and Micronaut compatible. There are innumerable types of connection points. Color wise however, not very stylish, drab gray and green. I decided off the bat to make a Microtron type robot with his curiously placed drill.
Scitex or Tomics were a little known TOMY toyline in the US during the 80s. They may have been pre-Zoids. Like Zoids they were walking or crawling toys. The parts I picked up had curious cables and a central motorized body.
I picked up these toys 'cause I wanted to see what I could build out of it and to see if they were 5mm compatible. They are. The biggest draw back with this building system are the innumerable amount of squarish connectors. Free-form building is compromised as the parts often fit only one way. It became a game of connecting pipes. It is quite complex, the square ends can be capped off with a part that has a 5mm port on it.

The Scitex line also appears to be the basis for the shockingly colored Multimac KO toys (the gold drill is a Multimac part. They lack the range of cool pieces the orginals had. Multimac and Scitex toys are a fun addition to Micronauts/Microman 5mm toy action.

Superion Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad Jet Tank

I hacked apart one Transformers Energon Superion. Hoping it would be as interesting as Steam Hammer, alas no. In addition my drill battery died. I am eagerly awaiting a replacement battery and proper metric drill bits. 
Red and white seems to be a fave space jet color scheme for Takara.
I remember seeing a photo of a Microman Punch Jet. Here's a link of how it looks like. I often am inspired by toys I will never own.
Parts include Transformers Energon Superion, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad Synchro, Multimac tank parts, Zoid Blox, Micronaut connectors.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blackout/Giant Acroyear kitbash

I unscrewed all the screws. The cockpit comes off, yielding a nice 5mm peg. With a small saw I sawed off the tail section. I used a drill with a 3/16" drill bit to make a hole at the base, 3/16" is not 5mm, additional scraping is needed to get it there. I also widened the existing hole on the folding part, and decided to add an additional hole to the end flap as well.
My initial playing around produced a cruiser. It's propped up with a small Zoid Blox, a folding Windrazor gun. The folding flap is connected with a Zoid Blox peg. I don't remember where the purple radar dish comes from.
It occurred to me the pelvis area would be far more functional without a helicopter tail shooting out of it's butt. That got sawed off. I added a Giant Acroyear Armroid chest and head.

The Armroid peg fits into the second hole I drilled in the folding part.
Blackout's head is still connected to the folding part.