Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gigasaurus — Ampzilla toyhack

Today's project started out as a discussion thread on the Micronauts/ Microman Facebook page about the iconic and controversial Ampzilla. That link is here. The rare Micronauts toy arrived late in the toy line's run.
All this toy talk inspired me to take matters into my own hands and make my very own Ampzilla one closer to my tastes. A casual approach would most likely consist of getting a realistic looking plastic dinosaur and drilling 5mm holes into it's skull to insert 'freaking lasers on it's head' perhaps inserting some gack randomly over it's body. I opted for another approach.

I actually spent a lot of time working on the tank treads. I had some sort of Gobot which had very nice wheels. I was trying to find appropriate feet to attach it to. I had a Starriors' foot which were perfect but only one.
I had the 1999 Microman Kit Crab Dozer and found they worked well, it even had a starter hole that made drilling a breeze. The body is a 1987 Transformer Headmaster Brainstorm. Notice the large hole (roughly 10mm) for the arms?
I had Energon Barricade legs which fit nicely into the notches once I filed down the surrounding areas. The tail is made from assorted Zoid Neo-Blox toys. I drilled a 5mm hole on it's bottom and the tail is done.
The head proved difficult. I didn't want to plop on a recognizable head. It needed to be uniquely absurd. The first arrangement made from Energon Insecticon head piece and Energon Scorponok tail lasers. Colors didn't really gel. I knew it needed to be red.
I originally had Energon Cruelock arms, which gave it a very T-Rex look, much too safe. I am very inspired by Ark/Bullmark's Ultraman Kaiju line, including the glitteringly absurd Gigan. I was very tempted to give him a bulldozer scoop for a hand, but what says kaiju more than claws, provided by Beast Wars PowerPinch. The yellow guy I believe is a Converter. I added wings and a missile to him and Sky Blaster is done. He's a low-wage Minicon.
In the tradition of Microtron and his curiously placed Drill. Ampzilla sports a Blockman engine.
This may have started out as an Ampzilla project but other influences have insinuated their way in. I name thee Gigasaurus!

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  1. Looks keen! But needs something for the bug-like eyes of the original.

    1. Finding suitable bug eyes turned out to be much harder than I anticipated. That's version 2.0


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