Saturday, April 14, 2012

Webdiver Skullrider

This toyhack is one of the most technically insane I've done thus far. That it holds together is a small miracle as it is made up of many unrelated pieces and like all my other hacks uses no screws just 5mm pegs. I started it back last year and put it down. I recently picked it up again and was determined to resolve it.
This project started with a trashed Takara Webdiver Gradion figure. What shall I do with a very expensive 16-bit videogame trainwreck? Rip it apart and see what I find. Sounds of gasps are heard. I had come across a Daigunder toy a few years ago. I sort of wish I held on to it. I did not know the Daigunder was a sequal to Webdiver series. If you look at both toylines you will see a lot of them were either altered into or from pre-existing Transformer toys.
I'm not particularly fond of heavily painted parts, but I was most intrigued by the translucent purple mid section.
The hands are beautiful.
I connected the two shoulder back parts to the one of the mid body sections. I found the arms were very heavy and there was no easy way to connect them to the body in a permanent way.
I had a cool part from Energon Landmine (I used the other one in my Giant Acroyear Acro-Cannon vehicle as a chair). That connects to another piece (I don't remember where that came from) but it perfectly matched the hinge area on the bottom of the skull. I also noticed there was a slot area. I cut out a piece of translucent plastic to make a floor for my figure to stand on. Zoid blox make the neck. I wish Tomy continued to make Zoid Blox. I thought they were the coolest things.
This was my first attempt to give it legs. Unfortunately it was too unstable to stand up properly. And I wanted it to be stable enough to hold a figure.
I used a Z-builder Cannon Spider Cannon as a base. It is braced with a Zoid Blox Night Owl chest shield and a Z-builder Gorillatron spiky shoulder part.
Stable and creepy.
We just need a proper driver. Magneforce Phobos volunteers.
Ready for the Acroyear campaign trail.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Micromaster Microtron

Microtron is back and he is a bit less friendly.

The Micromaster Defensor KO head had a truly awful paint job. I ended up filing/sanding the paint off. I rather like the look of unadorned primary colored plastic.

He seemed naked without his shiny drill. So the drill stays.

Blockman has hitched a ride.

The shoulders are G1 Transformers Twin Twist legs. The red arms and chest piece are Kabaya Toraichenja Robo candy toy. The yellow plates are a pair of plastic dividers I cut with a pair of sissors. The tank treads are from a GI-Joe vehicle.

You may gasp that I unscrewed the original red and blue tank treads off, it isn't particularly difficult.

Whaaaat? Another drill sporting, tank treading automaton? If you want to see more of Scitex Microtron the updated link is here.