Friday, October 21, 2011

Gobots Power Suit Courageous kitbash in progress

Decided to put up something I am working on now. It's all in progress. Up front is a figure from Lanard Star Force. He is waiting for a new head.
I picked up an X-Men Shard (circa 1999) cheap at NY Comicon. At first I wondered why Storm had blond hair. That missile pack has potential.
I also recently recieved a mixed toy lot which had Gobots Power Suits Courageous and Grungy. I will be honest and say Gobots on a whole do not thrill me. Still, there was an implicit challenge to turn those parts into something worthwhile. A red, white and black theme emerged.
I'm currently calling this piece the "Niece-bot." Shard's missiles serve as shuttle nacelle units. She needs arms.
I'm calling this the "Shovelbuster." The white leg thing had lots of crunk on it. A small child had it's way with it.
This one is called "Steamtram." The top part is Multimac or Tomy Scitex. To see what this turned into click here.
Another idea, which came from a more time where it was perfectly acceptable for rockets to have robot arms. I had leftover pieces from Energon Jetstorm and Windrazor, Kabaya Toraichenja Robo and Change Dashers candy toy.
Until the next incarnation.

Stormcloud/Giant Acroyear Armroid kitbash

I finally got around to making a partner to my other Armroid. The body is Stormcloud, the chopper from Energon Superion combiner. The head and body are from Giant Acroyear.
The yellow missiles I think are Blockman.
If you want to see how it's made, check out the original version I made out of Blackout here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quickmix kitbash: Crater Cruncher Army

I picked up an Cybertron Quickmix cheap on eBay. An attractive toy, aside from the funky feet and odd painful growths on his legs. Most Transformers suffer from weird feet syndrome. The orange construction theme made me think about making some vehicles to keep Crater Cruncher company.
The disassembled components present a lot of interesting possibilities to play with.
Some initial play ideas going on. The thing on the far end was a big-headed (deformed) construction robot candytoy put out by Kabaya. I love Kabaya. They have cool animated commercials featuring a crying crow.
TriBuggy—I found a trashed Computron Afterburner (the Tron looking bike) and had a leftover part from an Energon Bonecrusher (bulldozer).

Clawgun—Everything looks cooler with wings and claws attached to them. Kind of like a boss from Thunderforce IV (an excellent side-scrolling shooter on the Sega Genesis). The clear claws are from Microman Biomachine Kong. The clear plastic parts had existing holes which I widened with a 5mm drill bit. The arms are the Quickmix front legs, which conveniently already have a 5mm male end on one side. The front holes I widened with a 2.5mm drill bit. The wings are from a Giant Acroyear.
Crater Cruncher Supremo—The bulldozer gray arms are from a Microman Galac Hopper kit. The head from Quickmix.

SuperChair—The base is from Armada Smokescreen, which offers no joy whatsoever when dismantled.

Mars Rover—having found no easy way to remove metal pegs. I simply clip the plastic parts around them. The yellow claw is possibly from a Shogun Warrior. A Quickmix arm serves some unknown purpose.
All in all I got a massive amount of play out of this Transformer. Worth hacking? Yes.