Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blackout/Giant Acroyear kitbash

I unscrewed all the screws. The cockpit comes off, yielding a nice 5mm peg. With a small saw I sawed off the tail section. I used a drill with a 3/16" drill bit to make a hole at the base, 3/16" is not 5mm, additional scraping is needed to get it there. I also widened the existing hole on the folding part, and decided to add an additional hole to the end flap as well.
My initial playing around produced a cruiser. It's propped up with a small Zoid Blox, a folding Windrazor gun. The folding flap is connected with a Zoid Blox peg. I don't remember where the purple radar dish comes from.
It occurred to me the pelvis area would be far more functional without a helicopter tail shooting out of it's butt. That got sawed off. I added a Giant Acroyear Armroid chest and head.

The Armroid peg fits into the second hole I drilled in the folding part.
Blackout's head is still connected to the folding part.

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