Friday, November 18, 2011

Microrobot V Restoration

A little bit of a detour from our usual thing. I recently got some junked toys and found a lovely surprise, a beat up Microman Microrobot from 1981. A complete set looks like this. His stickers are a mess, his chrome paint on his leg is gone, he's missing a wing. Instead of taking him apart to make something new I decided just to do a little of clean up.
I use various plastic utility boxes to store parts. One box comes with these yellow plastic dividers. It was close enough in color and thickness for me to approximate the missing wing. I basically just cut it out with a pair of scissors and filed it a little. I applied Goo Gone to the stickers and used the flat end of a cuticle tool (it sort of looks like a plastic flat head screw driver) to gently scrape the stickers off. I am not a fan of stickers. It took quite a bit of time to remove them. I wiped them down with Goo Gone soaked napkins.
There's a crack to the front red chest shield. I'm thinking of filling it with some model cement filler and painting it or some plastic glue and a small vice to hold it in place. Gonna investigate getting some metallic enamel paint for the legs and to touch up the helmet. Suggestions are welcome.
You'd think I'd be able to scrounge up some proper hands for him. The holes are actually NOT 5mm. They are somewhat smaller. He's definitely a work in progress. Still with some clean up he's much improved.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Energon Bonecrusher Acroyear kitbash

 Hello evil one.
Take one Energon Bonecrusher and disassemble like so. The front wheel carriage went to good use in my Crater Cruncher Army, link here.
Add miscellaneous cool bits like a reduced scale Sixwing head which just happens to scale down to a 5mm hole in the neck. Drill 5mm hole on Bonecrusher back panel.
Assemble your newly created evil Acroyear. To see his cohorts click here.

Gobots Power Suit Grungy Bike kitbash

The bike arm comes from a black crane. From the soft plastic I'm assuming it was a candy toy based off one of the Takara Brave robots or a knock-off. The arm looked rather plain. I had these black plastic strips which were used to keep Transformers in their packaging. I widened the existing holes with a 5mm drill bit and stuck Zoid Blox pegs to keep it in place.
I had disassembled Energon landmine and was really impressed by the foldy wheel carriage. It fit perfectly under the Power Suit leg. The red pegs are from Z-Builder Gorillatron. The front wheel is from Computron Afterburner.
 I felt the red pegs drew too much attention to itself, I replaced them with grey pegs.
Lastly the I needed proper handles. They are from a Zoid Blox candy toy I think they are called Baratz. This one was a blue grasshopper.
The bike is driven by Microman Shoma sans guitar from 2006. To see it's evolution click here