Monday, July 16, 2012

Action Masters Starscream Turbo Jet toyhack

The Transformer's Action Masters toy-line arrived at the tail end of the original Transformers run from the 80s. I suspect they were more well known in Europe than in the States as the series ran a year longer in that market. It's fairly easy to come across an incomplete Starscream Turbo Jet. I liked the design. It reminded me of the Micronauts' Photon Sled. I wanted the modifications to be simple.

Who's the dude with the whip? It's GI Joe's Croc Master, and he's looking for some action.
There is a what looks like a 2.5mm peg on top where the steering unit should go. I had a random part that looked steering unit-ish.
I drilled a 2.5mm hole through the top and with a little fiddling got it to fit.
I drilled a 5mm hole in the back. There were small pegs that protruded from the grills that got in the way. So I filed them down.
This is a Multimac part. More Multimacs toyhacks here.

I sawed off the back end and removed the propeller top. The lower end had a 5mm peg on it's end. Where the propeller was I drilled another 5mm hole. The blue tail fin is from a Micronauts Mobile Explorer Laboratory. The 5mm peg is most likely Zoids Blox.
I cut down a 5mm tube so it would match up to the rear of the jet.
Engine assembly added. The infant chair requires safety belts.
The existing hole between the screws is slightly widened.
A 5mm pegged wheel is added. This one I think belongs to a blockman vehicle, but any small wheel will work.
Ride Croc Master Ride!

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