Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Micromaster Microtron

Microtron is back and he is a bit less friendly.

The Micromaster Defensor KO head had a truly awful paint job. I ended up filing/sanding the paint off. I rather like the look of unadorned primary colored plastic.

He seemed naked without his shiny drill. So the drill stays.

Blockman has hitched a ride.

The shoulders are G1 Transformers Twin Twist legs. The red arms and chest piece are Kabaya Toraichenja Robo candy toy. The yellow plates are a pair of plastic dividers I cut with a pair of sissors. The tank treads are from a GI-Joe vehicle.

You may gasp that I unscrewed the original red and blue tank treads off, it isn't particularly difficult.

Whaaaat? Another drill sporting, tank treading automaton? If you want to see more of Scitex Microtron the updated link is here.

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