Sunday, December 18, 2011

The White Bike: Gobots Power Suit Kitbash

My first entry into RocketTubes.Net "New Micro-toys for a New Year" Contest. The details are here. Microman Vain was the figure inside one of the Gameras in 2006.
If you buy mixed vintage transformers on eBay you will inevitable be handed some Gobots Powersuit parts, it's universal law. Scattered about is a 2009 sentai candy toy, Lanard StarForce backpacks, a Transformers Micromaster KO called "Interchange Robot No 5 Rijie," Something called a Roadmaster.
I played with the idea of making some sort of cruiser. A lot of my process is like this. I found these Powersuit parts and I knew I would make something cool out of them. The initial shapes informed a direction. Then I got bored with it and decided to take it into another direction.
While I liked the idea. It was no longer in scale to Micronaut figures. I had set it aside and worked on the black bike. After finishing the black bike I realised it needed a companion. So I went back to the original idea.
The front wheel is from the 1999 Microman Galac Hopper Kit. Not terribly popular but great for modding.
The cockpit is from, I believe the original Star Wars Millenium Falcon. The back wheels are from a 2004 Transformers Energon Sledge. They needed no drilling. The holes were a perfect fit to the existing ports. Happy accidents do happen.
The complete parts breakdown. The pieces fit together rather well. The center part fits snugly within the Power Suit frame, no drilling necessary.
Vain meets up with Shoma, still without his guitar.
Rear view.
Top view.
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