Monday, November 7, 2011

Gobots Power Suit Grungy Bike kitbash

The bike arm comes from a black crane. From the soft plastic I'm assuming it was a candy toy based off one of the Takara Brave robots or a knock-off. The arm looked rather plain. I had these black plastic strips which were used to keep Transformers in their packaging. I widened the existing holes with a 5mm drill bit and stuck Zoid Blox pegs to keep it in place.
I had disassembled Energon landmine and was really impressed by the foldy wheel carriage. It fit perfectly under the Power Suit leg. The red pegs are from Z-Builder Gorillatron. The front wheel is from Computron Afterburner.
 I felt the red pegs drew too much attention to itself, I replaced them with grey pegs.
Lastly the I needed proper handles. They are from a Zoid Blox candy toy I think they are called Baratz. This one was a blue grasshopper.
The bike is driven by Microman Shoma sans guitar from 2006. To see it's evolution click here

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