Sunday, February 26, 2012

Computron Afterburner Drill Dasher

Every race car needs rocket powered drill bits to dig deep into the earth.
The original version is here. Nice but it needed a little something.
When I placed both of the large arms things from Cybertron Quickmix. They evoked engine thrusters on steroids. I thought "one could go further."
The clear arms are from Energon Scorponok. They were incredibly difficult to detach. Disassembling Scorponok was a challenge as the screws seemed to be fastened especially tight, a joyless task. They are attached with Micronauts Battle Cruiser elbow joints plugged into a zoid blox, with a 5mm zoid peg. The drills are from G1 Twin Twist.
I realise a gun or something can fit into the front and a Minicon on one of the arms. I will save that for later.
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