Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crater Cruncher Scout

Instead of being a vehicle for a Micronaut, it's now an autonomous scout unit. Which is probably a good thing as a driver would probably get his head banged by the very large crane.
This was the original toyhack. Original pix here. The head and arm/chair appendage thing was from Cybertron Quickmix. The gray forklift arms are from 1999 Microman kits. Each of the kits gave a surplus of those things. It was used to hobble together all the kits into a combiner form. I didn't think the combiner form was terribly compelling. 
I was playing with parts from an Energon Scorponok and liked how they changed the shape of the Crater Cruncher into something leaner and meaner. I definitely like the idea of taking something familiar and changing it up, reordering it into something new but familiar.
The changes to the original toy are very minimal. Two 5mm holes drilled to the front and top of the Crater Cruncher. Holes are drilled to the bottom of the Energon Landmine crane and the Scorponok nosecone. The yellow and gray connector is a Transformers Universe recolor of a G1 toy, who's name escapes me.
I've been asked where I get 5mm pegs from. I often find a lot of random plastic parts that are 5mm. I test them out with a Micronaut part. If it fits I cut it down to size. Zoid Blox came with a large number of 5mm pegs.
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