Sunday, February 26, 2012

Micro Rover

The Micro Rover is made up of parts from Energon Scoponok and Stormcloud, Cybertron Quickmix.
I had started stacking shapes and trying to figure out strategies to bind them together. When I was playing with this I was reminded of 70s and 80s sci-fi illustrator Chris Foss. His design palette was colorful, the shapes were blocky and industrial.
The figure is Military Force Stealthcamo with the head of the figure that was inside 2004's Megalon. His name is Kim and he doesn't like smiling.
Need to drill 2.5 mm holes on the side of the cockpit and attach handles for my figure to hold on to.
The trick with this custom was finding viable connection points that were stable. If a peg is too loose. I tape the peg with white tape to build up the thickness for a snug fit.
The Micro Rover faces off the Drill Dasher.
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